Michel Cotting

C’est Michel Cotting qui a reussi à visualiser les textes de Bub le Zombie pour son album. Il a réalisé 3 toiles carées en carton de 1 mètre 50 de large. Elles ont ensuite été prises en photo pour en faire la fourre de l’album. Vous pouvez allez voir son site pour en voir un peu plus. Un monde de peinture et de sérigraphie ou le verbe a aussi la part belle.


Food for ya Soul on Mondayjazz.com | Free download

L’équipe de Food for ya Soul est invitée par mondayjazz.com et elle vous a préparé une petite compilation à télécharger gratuitement:

 » So it‘s Mondayjazz mix Nr. 79… This time Audiopatchwork from Swiss Food For Ya Soul. When talking about this work, authors of it represent themselves laconic – selecta Boo, dj Chikano and dj Ngoc Lan. But if you check www.myspace.com/foodforyasoul, you‘ll find out that Food for Ya Soul is some what of a clan based in Lausanne uniting dj‘s, producers, graffers who have been making serious movement in Switzerland for more than a decade.
      When speaking about this mix, it‘s owners pays attention to duality – two sides, two dj‘s, two different vibes complimenting each other… But after listening this compilation it‘s safe to say that that really there are more of those sides and vibes.
      Cassette‘s click-clack anounce a begining, which starts with a walk forth and back between soul and hip-hop. Feels nice and in some way reminds of older Howie B mixes. Then A side goes to (as it‘s said in one of compilations tunes) strictly hip-hop teritory. Such hip-hop that we hear in here has indeed lots of fans: classic nineties intelligent jazzy rap.
Then again an archaic sound of a cassette being turning over and a modern B side starts. This side represents tendencies of todays Beats culture, but doesn‘t bring much of surprises. On the other hand they are not always necesary. Especially on Mondays… Second side is also has some different angles – sour beats are being mixed with soulful vocals, modern cosmic motives are switching places with classic elements of urban music. In general Audiopatchwork is a tipycal Mondayjazz mix – soully, rappy, jazzy, peeping and beating, mixing old with new… Musical selection also – you can find Stones Throw production, Flying Lotus and other frequent guests of the MJ mixes.



Artizanal, album d’Amnesty sorti en 2005 regroupant entre autre 1 titre d’Oddrock ainsi qu’un de Skile. Depuis, Amnesty est sous le label oO. Les cuts et les enchaînements ont été réalisés par Oddrock.